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Abraham Díaz has been appointed CEO of CanZion Group

Multinational CanZion Group, mainly known by its production and distribution of Christian music and movies to the Spanish speaking market, as well as for the developing of ministry and musical leadership worldwide for thirty years now, has announced the appointment of Abraham Díaz as its new CEO.

Abraham Díaz has more than 15 uninterrupted years of experience exercising several roles in CanZion Group, bringing with him a wide knowledge of the different areas in the company. He started in June 2000 when he took over as Executive Assistant to Marcos Witt, founder and President of CanZion, to later assume as A&R and Studio Manager for several years. Later, he was Sales Supervisor for Central America and Caribbean territories. Subsequently, in May 2006, he was appointed Marketing and Special Events Manager for CanZion Mexico. In 2010 he became Global Marketing Manager for CanZion Group and from January 2015 until now, he has been in charge of the Global Operations Management, all to the highest level of excellence, dedication, integrity and professionalism.

While in charge of Operations and Marketing for more than a decade in the company, Abraham didn’t just face the drastic changes the music industry faced, but he also knows in detail the specific and crucial moment that the Christian music industry is going through. His vision and knowledge in social networking has positioned CanZion as the Christian Spanish record label with more exposure in them, with more than ten million people engaged. His discernment on upcoming praise and worship leaders, singers and artists, ensures that CanZion will continue to attract and bring in new prospects to the label, which are under development. And his vision to support new singers, composers and worship leaders assures that CanZion’s legacy in being a voice for Latin America’s Christian music will continue for many years to come.

“We’re living in very decisive times that require that we understand and testify that our Lord Jesus’ dominion is an eternal one, that it won’t pass away, and that his kingdom will never be destroyed. Those who serve the Almighty God, move confidently forward under his grace, as we look for his Holy Spirit to guide us, provide for us and protect us,” says Abraham Díaz. “For CanZion, today this means that it’s the moment to keep working hard in the development of resources for the uplifting and spiritual growth of the church. Our hearts get moved for a deep desire to bring every person close to Jesus’ love, as well as to train his people for the day when every language, every nation and every heart will worship his holy name only.”

CanZion Group, which currently is recognized as one of the most influential music labels with the widest reach in Spanish market, also honors and thanks Luis Quinelli for his excellent work as the head of the company as CEO for the last six years, some of the more challenging years in the music industry. Although, despite the challenge, his stabilizing ability not only kept CanZion afloat as a ministry, but also brought with it great accomplishments, like making the company the largest Spanish Christian music distributor in the world. Under his leadership, international distribution agreements were reached with such important music labels as Hillsong Music, Capitol Records, EMI and BMG, among others.

Luis Quinelli, who will continue on developing his new companies designed for evangelism through media and festivals, has CanZion Group’s deep appreciation for such a significant contribution, not just towards the company, but to thousands of people on whom his work left a mark and were blessed through every project in his care. That is why CanZion Group expresses their best wishes to Luis Quinelli on his new endeavors.

To officially announce this appointment, CanZion held a HangOut last Tuesday, November the 3rd, to which it invited media and the general public, and in which Marcos and Miriam Witt were part, as well as the new CEO, Abraham Díaz, and all the collaborators of CanZion connected from the regional offices in Atlanta, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Houston, Monterrey and Sao Paulo. To watch it on YouTube you can  click here.


Abraham Díaz, new CEO of CanZion Group LP, with Marcos and Miriam Witt, founders of the ministry.

Written by Willjosmer Mora